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  • Shandong folk artist makes rooster dolls


    Folk artist Du Yifang demonstrates rooster dolls she made in Dong'er village of Tancheng county, East China's Shandong province, Jan 15.

  • Chinese classics listed into gaokao test range


    An illustration for the 2017 national college entrance exam (gaokao) in Beijing was published recently, which included six literary works in the scope of the exam.

  • Qi version of 'Analects of Confucius' discovered in Haihunhou tomb


    The Qi version of The Analects of Confucius (Qi Lun), which had been lost for about 1,800 years, was suspiciously found in bamboo slips unearthed from the Haihunhou tomb, after the first round of infrared scanning, according to Jiangxi Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology.

  • Chinese-style origins give vitality to domestic animation


    At the beginning of 2017, a nine-minute short animation titled Love Sick engulfed the internet. Since its initial release on December 23, the animation has already reached 100 million hits within ten days on Chinese social media platforms, including, and Bilibili.

  • Folk artists make woodblock paintings for Spring Festival


    Folk artists hang newly-made woodblock new year paintings up to dry in Yangjiabu village of Hanting district in Weifang, East China's Shandong province, Jan 10, 2017.

  • Shigandang Customs in Tai'an


    Shigandang customs are the traditional heritage of worshiping spiritual stones now commonly practiced in Tai'an, Shandong province.

  • Chinese crafts bring delight to upcoming Lunar New Year


    As the Year of the Rooster draws near, Chinese craftsmen and craftswomen are busy preparing for the most important festival celebration by making red lanterns, Chinese knots, couplets, New Year pictures and paper-cuts.