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  • ICH industry helps create jobs, reduce poverty in Shandong


    With the help of "e-commerce +" strategy, a large number of cultural and industrial projects have been formed in the anti-poverty drive, creating more jobs and income for the poor.

  • Village soars on erhu making


    Yuequan village in Linyi's Miaoshan town is renowned for its erhu (traditional Chinese two-string musical instrument) making industry.

  • Get riches from traditional wickerwork


    Wickerwork is a way of life for local famers, with many learning the craft as children. Therefore, having the opportunity to transform their skills to create income is invaluable.

  • Paint a glorious future


    In recent years, Juye county Party committee and the county government have attached great importance to the development of the painting and calligraphy industry, making it a toehold to boost the rural revitalization strategy.

  • Taokezi village takes aim at red tourism


    Taokezi, a picturesque village in the remote Yimeng Mountain, boasts a glorious revolutionary history and aims to go big with its red tourism.

  • Participants 'muscle' their way to bodybuilding championships


    The 2018 WBPF International Bodybuilding and Fitness Open Invitational Championships concluded on Monday night in Qingdao, East China's Shandong province.

  • Embrace nature at Lanling National Agricultural Park


    Lanling National Agricultural Park, located in Dai village, Lanling county of Shandong province, is a 4A-level ecological park and scenic spot offering not only pastoral sceneries such as rape blossoms, wetland lotuses and sunflowers, but also parks for picking novel and rare varieties of fruits and vegetables.