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  • The brightest colours of China


    China is now a kaleidoscope of colour thanks to my encounters with the wisest and sincerest humans on my campus.

  • Where the road diverges


    I hold dear the memories of laughter, love and light. It has been a beautiful journey here at SDU CCOM - I bid thee a most sincere farewell. Wherever the road should lead me, I shall carry you with me.



    The Eurochestries Festival is returning to Qingdao, East China's Shandong province, for the second year in a row, as it aims to promote orchestral practice among musicians aged 15 to 25.

  • 12 Girls Band creates miracle again in Jinan


    The 12 Girls Band, a renowned Chinese female instrumental band, will hold a concert named "Miracle Again" at the Shandong Theatre on Aug 11.

  • Italian pianist Giovanni Vitaletti to perform in Jinan


    A piano recital by Italian pianist Giovanni Vitaletti will be staged at the Shandong Theater on Aug 12 in Jinan, capital city of Shandong province.

  • 'Swan Lake on Ice' brings beauty of ice dance to Jinan


    One of the world's leading ice skating production companies, the Imperial Ice Stars from Britain will perform its award-winning masterpiece Swan Lake on Ice at the Shandong Grand Theater from Aug 10 to 12 in Jinan, capital of Shandong province.

  • Romanian puppet show to meet children in Jinan


    The Snowman Who Wants to See the Sun, a Romanian puppet show, will be staged at the Lishan Theater on Aug 11 in Jinan, capital city of Shandong province.