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  • Evidence of human sacrifice found in Jinan ruin


    The discovery of human remains in the ruin shows people were still used as burial sacrifices in the Qi State of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, according to Jinan's Institute of Archeology.

  • Familiar territory


    When Steven S. DeKnight was young, he often went to cinemas to watch Hong Kong action movies by the iconic Shaw Brothers studio. And one of his favorites was Jimmy Wang Yu's martial-arts classic, Master of the Flying Guillotine.

  • Qingzhou village granted national preservation fund


    An ancient village in Qingzhou, Shandong province recently was granted a special fund.

  • Student paints spring scenes on stamps


    Liang Xiaoyue, a college student from the Academy of Fine Arts at Shandong Liaocheng University has designed 17 stamp-like paintings themed after the Spring Equinox.

  • Calligraphy, the gem of Chinese culture


    Calligraphy is something every special for Chinese. It is not only an important part of traditional Chinese culture but also a way of life for people of all stripes.

  • Young but skillful hands restore 300 old books


    Xia majored in identification and restoration of cultural relics. Since graduating in 2016, she became responsible for old book restoration in the library and has mended more than 300 old books.

  • Steamed bun packed with good wishes


    Huabobo, a kind of steamed bun, is a must on special occasions, such as festivals, weddings and birthdays.