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  • Shandong hosts provincial youth painting and calligraphy competition


    A wave of excellent artworks embodying the spiritual outlook and creativity of teenagers and even younger artists emerged in the recently completed sixth Shandong provincial youth painting and calligraphy competition.

  • A Hanfu enthusiast in modern Qingdao


    Dressing up in Hanfu is a new cosplay craze that has been sweeping across the country in recent years as people's itch for traditional Chinese culture has recovered.

  • Shandong man holds on to ancient art form


    With his rough yet deft hands, Lang Xiucai in Langzhuang village of Liaocheng, Shandong province, has created a variety of dough sculptures. Yet facing his creations, the villager, now in his 80s, looks downcast.

  • TV program 'Readers' rekindles passion for literature across China


    Cultural TV programs have experienced a come-back at the start of the Chinese New Year. Two weeks after the conclusion of the hit show Chinese Poetry Competition, a new program, Readers, has become a nationwide sensation.

  • Shandong takes Chinese New Year culture global


    As one of the major organizers of the 2017 Happy Chinese New Year project, the Shandong Provincial Department of Culture has launched ten cultural exchange events with 131 participating members, to be held over three months, promoting Chinese New Year culture and the unique Qilu culture to different parts of the world.

  • Archives of Confucius's direct descendants to be published


    Over 2,000 copies of archived records of the direct descendants of Confucius will be published over the next four years, authorities in the eastern province of Shandong said Sunday.

  • Mount Tai's king of clay


    When most people come across a patch of mud as they climb up Shandong province's Mount Tai, all they see is mud. But to Xuan Xudong, that clod of earth represents a kaleidoscope of artistic possibilities.