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  • Shandong intangible cultural heritage classroom: Mount Tai shadow puppet play


    The first class of the Shandong intangible cultural heritage classroom, led by Fan Zheng'an, a national inheritor of Mount Tai shadow puppet play, opened on March 4 at the Shandong Provincial Cultural Center in Jinan.

  • Culture Insider: Admiring flowers in ancient times


    People are taking spring outings to admire the flowers. While, our first thought when we see beautiful flowers is to take photos and post them on social media platforms, ancient people in China had their own ways of admiring flowers.

  • Traditional opera reaches out to younger generation


    There are wonderful implications for the future of time-honored Shandong Bangzi (Wooden Clapper Opera), a Tai'an-rooted folk art as well as a national intangible cultural heritage, arising from its being used in local primary and secondary schools.

  • Weifang kite exhibition opens in Shandong


    A special exhibition of Weifang kites was held on March 17 at the Shandong Provincial Cultural Center in Jinan, capital city of Shandong, as part of a series of activities demonstrating the province's achievements in promoting and protecting intangible cultural heritages.

  • Pottery figurines showcase women's lives in ancient times


    An exhibition themed on women's lives during the Han (206 BC-220 AD) and Tang (618-907) dynasties is ongoing at the Tianjin Museum, which is showing nearly 100 pieces of exquisite cultural relics.

  • Yantai children celebrate World Water Day through painting


    More than 80 schoolchildren took part in a creative art activity themed on water conservation held by the Yantai Children's Palace on March 19 in a bid to celebrate the upcoming World Water Day.

  • Chinese have designs on fashion world


    This year's London Fashion Week 2017 again made the fashion front pages around the world but this year Chinese designers made quite a splash and grabbed significant attention.