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  • Shandong wetlands: The perfect summer destination


    Shandong province currently has about 1.74 million hectares of wetland, comprising 11.09 percent of its total area, and five percent of China's total wetland habitats.

  • University grads get their own art exhibition in Shandong


    The Shandong Art Museum is hosting an exhibition of the best works of graduates of university's fine arts college, in the city of Jinan and will have an award ceremony with a "Liu Dawei Art Prize" on July 14.

  • Traditional Chinese culture popular with kids


    The 2016 China Children's Traditional Chinese Culture Competition recently had its finals for the Qingdao division, at the Lion Mall, qingdaonews reports on July 13, noting that its purpose is to increase children's interest in traditional culture and to promote a sense of national pride among adults and confidence in their culture.

  • Tourists visit verbena flower field in Qingdao


    Tourists enjoy themselves in a verbena flower field in Western coast economic zone in Qingdao, east China's Shandong province, July 17, 2016. The verbena fields here, which cover an area of 130 mu (8.7 hectares), have attracted a good many tourists.

  • Foreign students learn how to make the perfect brew


    Two overseas students studying at Shandong University recently got the chance to experience traditional Chinese tea culture at a tea house named "Shao Ye Tang" in Jinan, East China's Shandong province.

  • Tai'an on the lookout for tourism ambassador


    A news conference was held in Tai'an, East China's Shandong province on June 23 to officially unveil the regional round of the 2016 Miss Tourism International and the 2016 Tai'an tourism ambassador competition.

  • Tai'an's first children's culture and arts festival makes its debut


    Kids in Tai'an won't be bored over the school summer holidays thanks to the launch of the city's first Children's Culture and Arts Festival on July 1, promising to entertain as well as educate younger generations.