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  • Modern artists give new twist to needlework


    Many artists are picking up needle and thread deserted by times to make them their authoring tools. Let's take a look at some modern art pieces created by needle and thread.

  • Curtain falls on 2017 Qingdao Intl Beer Festival


    With upbeat music, festive dances and dazzling fireworks and lightshows, the annual carnivalesque Qingdao International Beer Festival came to an end on Aug 27 at its main venue in Huangdao district.

  • China's window paper-cutting art debuts in UK


    Britons curious about traditional Chinese folk culture have been offered with an opportunity to get a glimpse of its essence, as an exhibition featuring Jiaodong window paper-cutting art was staged on Aug 19 at Beecroft Art Gallery in Southend, United Kingdom.

  • Chinese Valentine's Day celebrated in ancient way


    The Qixi festival, or Chinese Valentine's Day, falls on August 28 this year. In earlier times, Qixi was not only a special day for lovers, but also for girls.

  • After five years, Nobel Prize winner Mo Yan returns with new stories


    Nobel Prize winner, Mo Yan, has announced his new work. The Chinese writer's opera drama Jin Yi, or colorful clothes and a group of poems Qi Xing Yao Wo or Seven Stars Shine on Me will be published in People's Literature magazine in 2017.

  • Underwater wedding show greets Qixi festival


    Divers perform during an underwater wedding show at the Haichang whale and shark aquarium in Yantai, East China's Shandong Province, on Aug 26, 2017, to greet the Qixi festival, or Chinese Valentine's Day.

  • Han Chinese clothing lovers gather to greet upcoming Qixi festival


    Dozens of Han Chinese clothing lovers gathered together in Weifang on Sunday to greet the upcoming Qixi festival, or Chinese Valentine's Day, which falls on Aug 28 this year.