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  • Mount Tai's king of clay


    When most people come across a patch of mud as they climb up Shandong province's Mount Tai, all they see is mud. But to Xuan Xudong, that clod of earth represents a kaleidoscope of artistic possibilities.

  • Explore traditional folk arts at Qingdao Tianhou Palace


    Tianhou Palace, or the Temple of the Queen of Heaven, in the eastern coastal city of Qingdao, is the perfect place to explore the city's traditional folk arts and culture.

  • 'Fengshan Sacrifices' at Mount Tai


    According to UNESCO officer Du Xiaofan, Mount Tai is most intertwined with Chinese history among the mountains of China.

  • Say 'I love you' with classical Chinese scroll


    While many people celebrate Valentine's Day with roses and chocolates, some choose to do it in a Chinese way: sending their girlfriends a long scroll of a Chinese painting with a romantic love story and poem.

  • Tai'an traditional New Year's woodprints


    New Year's pictures are often used as decorations during the Spring Festival and once could be regularly seen throughout China.

  • True romance: Love poems join two hearts for 62 years


    Feng is now 94 and Chen 90, and they have been married for more than a half century.Feng's marriage to Chen brought more happiness and now Chen still looks after Feng's daily needs.

  • Culture Insider: Gifts of love in ancient China


    Here are some classic gifts for lovers during ancient times. Check it out and it may provide you with unique gift ideas.