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  • Foreign visitors admire Rizhao's "sun culture"


    A foreign delegation, including the deputy mayor of Delphi, Greece, a parliamentarian from Cuzco, Peru, a diplomat from the Indian embassy and a professor of Cairo University, visited Donggang district, Juxian county and Tiantai Mountain to learn more about Rizhao's ancient "sun culture".

  • Tai'an doctor battles to eradicate leprosy from countryside


    Zhang Qingguo, a dermatologist from Ningyang county, Shandong province, has spent more than 30 years looking after patients in a so-called "leprosy village".

  • Two students roller skate 567km from Shandong to Beijing


    While roller skating is often seen on public squares, nobody associates it with long-distance journeys. But two young men travelled 567 kilometers by roller skating from their university in Jining, Shandong province, to Beijing in 5 days during the National Day holiday.

  • "Sun culture" tourism rises in Rizhao


    For thousands of years, the sun has brought warmth, life and hope to the people of Rizhao, Shandong province. Now, it is becoming a lucrative source of tourism revenue too.

  • Traditional Chinese medicine given new vitality, rises in popularity in area


    The Weifang Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone was recognized as a national model for local-level traditional Chinese medicine services by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine this year.

  • My Journey in China


    My love for Chinese culture was increased many times once I was introduced to calligraphy, Chinese literature, martial arts, tea culture and Chinese economy.