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  • In pics: Yimeng dough figurines


    Vibrant, vivid and lifelike Yimeng dough figurines lured countless visitors to Linyi, Shandong province's first intangible cultural heritage expo on June 4.

  • Dough figurines showcased at heritage expo in Shandong


    The making technique of Yimeng dough figurine has a 100-year-old history and was listed as an intangible cultural heritage last year.

  • 9.4m students sit China's college entrance exam


    A total of 9.4 million Chinese students Wednesday began the annual national college entrance examination, known as the Gaokao, which will have a large impact on their futures.

  • 2017 Asia Media Summit opens in Qingdao


    The 2017 Asia Media Summit opened in grand style on June 6 in the eastern Chinese city of Qingdao.

  • Shandong exhibits Japanese Ukiyoe wood block paintings


    An exhibition featuring Japanese Ukiyoe wood block paintings was unveiled on June 1 at the Shandong Museum in the provincial capital of Jinan to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the establishment of friendly relations between Shandong and Yamaguchi Prefecture of Japan.

  • Top cookbooks take a bow


    William Wongso seems like a chef in a war zone. Peppered with the pops and splatters of boiling coconut milk, however, Wongso is unfazed and relaxed.

  • Shandong intangible cultural heritage classroom: how to make a Caozhou dough figure


    The thirteenth class of the Shandong intangible cultural heritage classroom, led by Mu Xujian, Shandong provincial inheritor and master craftsman of ancient Caozhou (Heze) dough figurines, was held on June 3 at the Shandong Provincial Cultural Center in Jinan, the provincial capital.