Shandong Culture

Shandong provincial department of culture


Functions of Shandong department of culture:

1. Draft local laws and regulations for preservation of cultural arts and relics, make and implement relevant policies.

2. Formulate development strategies and plans for Shandong provincial culture and art projects and put them into operation. Push the reform of Shandong’s culture and art.

3. Direct and manage the literature and arts industry, guide and develop artistic creation, organize key art and cultural activities in Shandong province.

4. Push public service in art and culture, plan and guide the production of public cultural products, direct constructions of key cultural facilities as well as community-based cultural facilities.

5. Formulate and carry out provincial culture and art development strategies. Guide and coordinate the development of cultural and art industries, and promote exchange and cooperation in the foreign-oriented cultural industry.

6. Formulate preservation plans for intangible cultural heritage, put them into operation and promote traditional culture.

7. Guide and supervise the provincial social cultural industry, develop provincial libraries, art museums and cultural centers as well as community-based cultural services.

8. Formulate development strategies and plans for the provincial cultural market and put them into operation, supervise the cultural market and relevant industries, including private institutions engaged in performances.

9. Survey and review cultural and art products before publishing on the Internet, supervise Internet service institutes, such as cyber cafes, and all online game services (the survey and review of online games are excluded).

10. Formulate regulations of animation and online game industries and put them into operation, coordinate and direct the development of animation and game industries.

11. Make development plans and strategies of Shandong provincial cultural science and technology industry and put them into operation, push forward information construction in cultural science and technology.

12. Supervise foreign-oriented cultural affairs, participate in and direct the promotion of foreign-oriented culture, push cultural exchanges in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, organize large-scale cultural exchanges with foreign countries.

13. Responsible for the affairs involving cultural relics and museums in Shandong province.

14. Undertake other duties assigned by the provincial Party committee and government.