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  • Learn how to make clay rabbit figurines


    A group of foreign reporters from more than 10 foreign media outlets were completely bowled over by the lovely clay rabbit figurines at Baihuazhou Historical and Cultural Block in Jinan on Sept 9.

  • Jinan shadow puppet show enchants foreign journalists


    A group of foreign journalists visited a traditional handicraft workshop at Baihuazhou Historical and Cultural Block in Jinan, East China's Shandong province on Sept 9, to learn about Jinan shadow puppetry.

  • Handicrafts shine at cultural fair in Linyi


    A dazzling display of handicrafts and cultural creative products were displayed at a cultural fair held on Aug 18 by the Linyi Bookstore in Linyi.

  • Handmade birdcages stand the test of time


    Located in East China's Shandong province, there are around 460 households in the village, among which more than 300 work in the industry.

  • Shandong cultural legacies showcased to the world


    Some of Shandong's iconic intangible cultural heritages were displayed at an exhibition during a news conference by the State Council Information Office.

  • Jinan's 'living cultural heritages' have modern appeal


    Jinan inheritors of folk arts and crafts inscribed on intangible cultural heritage protection lists are carrying on promoting the cultural treasures by blending them with modern elements.

  • 72 procedures to make 1,000-year-old mulberry paper


    High quality mulberry barks need to go through 72 procedures before becoming pieces of 1,000-year-old mulberry paper, according to Li Qingliang, the 21st generation of inheritor of Li family mulberry paper in Linyi, Shandong province.