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  • Taste of Shandong: Innovative local dishes make visitors’ mouth water


    A competition of Shandong cuisine, also known as Lu cuisine that developed from the native cooking style of Eastern China’s Shandong province was held on Thursday in the province’s Yantai city.

  • Ancient wisdom inspires modern success


    When emperors of old would climb Taishan Mountain, China's holiest mountain, they'd reach the 1,532-meter peak and kneel before heaven to pray for a more fertile land.

  • Asian media tour Sun Tzu Cultural Park


    A group of journalists from Asian media organizations paid a visit to the Sun Tzu Cultural Park in Guangrao county of Shandong province on July 4 to catch a glimpse of the great Chinese master strategist and "military saint" Sun Tzu.

  • Overseas Chinese youth start Shandong tour from Mount Tai


    The 11th World Outstanding Overseas Chinese Huaxia Tour started its Shandong sector on July 9, China News Agency reported.

  • Shandong and bavaria mark 30 years of relations


    Shandong province and Bavaria, a state in southeastern Germany, will strengthen their cooperation in various fields, aiming to explore the new opportunities brought about by the latest stage of industrial revolution.

  • Cultural legacies dazzle at Shandong International Tourism Fair


    Some of the nation's most iconic intangible cultural heritages were showcased at the Shandong (Jinan) International Tourism Fair held from May 19 to 21 at the capital city's Shungeng International Convention and Exhibition Center.

  • Shandong cultural legacies shine in Hong Kong


    A cultural exchange activity highlighting Shandong's intangible cultural heritages was held in Hong Kong from May 23 to 24 to mark the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to China and to enhance Shandong-Hong Kong cultural exchanges.