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  • Cultural exchange fosters better understanding


    The people of Israel may have a better understanding of China and its eastern province of Shandong after the launch of the Nishan House bookstore and an exhibition of Rizhao farmers' paintings on Nov 22 at Tel Aviv University in Israel.

  • Globally important agricultural heritage


    At the meeting of the Scientific Advisory Group on Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems held at the headquarters of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization in Rome on Friday, several Chinese sites were approved as globally important agricultural heritage.

  • Shandong opens Nishan House in Nepal


    The Shandong Friendship Publishing House launched a Nishan House bookshop at the Confucius Institute of Kathmandu University on Nov 19 in Kathmandu, capital of Nepal.

  • Cultural gala promotes exchanges


    With upbeat folk music, festive dances and dazzling acrobatic performances, the Gala Performance from the Hometown of Confucius – Shandong was staged on Nov 19 at the Nepal Army Officers' Club Auditorium in Kathmandu, capital of Nepal.

  • China's cultural performance amazes Nepali audiences


    As part of cultural exchanges, a special gala performance from China's Shandong province - hometown of Confucius - was held in Nepal's capital Kathmandu on Sunday evening.

  • Shandong hosts fan art exhibition in Cambodia


    Organized by the Shandong provincial department of culture, the Shandong Art Academy and an Angkor-based art museum, an exhibition of Chinese painted fans was recently unveiled in Phnom Penh, capital of Cambodia.

  • Artist lets wood speak for itself in Beijing show


    Zhou Ning, an artist who lives in rural China, is presenting his wood art in Beijing.