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Forum on world civilizations concludes in Shandong

(Xinhua) Updated: 2018-09-28

JINAN -- A forum on civilizations of the world concluded Thursday in Qufu, birthplace of Confucius, highlighting the importance of embracing diverse civilizations in one world.

The idea came from a declaration, titled "Regarding convergence of civilizations and a community with a shared future for humanity," produced at the two-day forum.

"Confucian ideas of 'harmony among nations' 'solidarity in hard times' and 'the whole world as one family' are consistent with our contemporary values of respecting diversity and enhancing mutual trust and learning," the declaration read.

The forum drew 263 scholars from at home and abroad seeking ancient wisdom from Confucius. They envisioned the future of humanity and responded to modern social concerns at the forum, where three high-level dialogues, four themed speeches and a series of panel discussions were organized.

Confucius, who lived between 551 BC and 479 BC, was an educator and philosopher. He founded the school of Confucianism that has deeply influenced later Chinese generations.