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Embrace nature at Lanling National Agricultural Park

( Updated: 2018-09-17

Lanling National Agricultural Park, located in Dai village, Lanling county of Shandong province, is a 4A-level ecological park and scenic spot offering not only pastoral sceneries such as rape blossoms, wetland lotuses and sunflowers, but also parks for picking novel and rare varieties of fruits and vegetables.

The park has a total investment of one billion yuan ($162 million) and a total planned area of 620,000 mu (41,330 hectares), 20,000 of which is the core area and the demonstration zone covers 100,000 mu.

The scenic area is divided into ten major functional zones, including those of farming culture, scientific and technological achievements exhibition, modern agricultural demonstration, flower seedling exhibition, farming and harvesting experience, and leisure health resort.

A total of seven kilometers of sightseeing railway has been constructed with three small trains operating simultaneously. The trains can accommodate more than 200 passengers with a speed of 10 km per hour. A sum of 50 million yuan has been invested to set up four train stations at all major attraction sites for the convenience of tourists. These are by far the highest-end sightseeing trains with the longest travelling distance in the country.

The park is equipped with modern plant factories, tissue culture rooms and three-dimensional soilless cultivation sites including pipelines, columns and suspension. It also houses future agricultural sites such as substrate cultivation and robotic picking.

The park is an upgrade of rural leisure and agricultural tourism. It is a large-scale rural tourism complex integrating modern agricultural garden landscape and tourism commodity exhibition with leisure vacation and recreation. As of now, it has been selected as a National Agricultural Tourism Demonstration Area and China Rural Tourism Demonstration Village. It is also the largest and the only ecological agricultural tourism park in Shandong province carrying the honorable appellation of National Agricultural Park.

Embrace nature at Lanling National Agricultural Park

Crops are planted using soilless culture technology at an industrial greenhouse of the Lanling National Agricultural Park. [Photo by Ding Yuanyuan/]

Embrace nature at Lanling National Agricultural Park

The Lanling National Agricultural Park explores new techniques, devices and management modes to carry out smart farming. [Photo by Ding Yuanyuan/]

Embrace nature at Lanling National Agricultural Park

Seas of sunflowers bloom and beckon tourists to wade through their fragrant yellows and greens at the Lanling National Agricultural Park in Dai village, Lanling county of Shandong province. [Photo by Ding Yuanyuan/]

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