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Have a bite of Jinan featured snacks

( Updated: 2018-07-18

After several rounds of selection, the Jinan municipal bureau of commerce listed the city's top 200 snacks on July 12.

Selected from the city's 82 production and business operation entities, the snacks are drawn from rural folk products as well as restaurant specialties, and come with prominent local flavors and traditional features.

According to the bureau, the evaluation of "famous Jinan flavor snacks" will help to promote local cuisine culture, foster band-name snacks, advance local tourism development and fuel the transformation of the local catering industry.

Featured local snacks include tian mo (millet porridge boiled with peanuts, cowpeas, small red beans, vermicelli, dried bean curd and spinach), you xuan (thin pancake made of millet flour), steamed stuffed buns, fried dumplings, lamb soup, tanzi rou (literally means stewing pork in a jar), and bazi rou (stewed streaky pork).

Have a bite of Jinan featured snacks

The nougat of Jinan Lily Landscape Group is included among the city's top 200 snacks. [Photo provided to]

Have a bite of Jinan featured snacks

The Luxiang Lobster Wangfu Hotel's garlic-flavored crayfish is another of Jinan's 200 snacks most worth trying. [Photo provided to]