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Chinese way to have a cool summer

By Li Hongrui ( Updated: 2018-06-22

Chinese way to have a cool summer

A woman in cheongsam holds a traditional Chinese fan. [Photo/VCG]

A well-known Taoism saying goes like this, "mind in peace gives you coolness".

As temperature rise each day, it's time to create some coolness apart from keeping calm.

Chinese people have some traditional ways to reduce the summer heat without air-conditioners. The methods include healthy food and tools that can also help people experience the beauty of summer.

Here are some choices which will bring you surprisingly cool experience.

Chinese way to have a cool summer

Plum juice. [Photo/VCG]

Plum juice

Plum juice is a traditional healthy beverage for summer in Beijing. As the recipe to make the drink has hawthorn fruit and Chinese medicine herbs, it can reduce the harm from summer heat to human body.

Additionally, it helps digestion. Due to the development of storage technology, people can have the juice all year round, yet summer is the best time.

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