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Children learn peach pit carving in Shandong

( Updated: 2018-05-23

About 30 kids took part in the class, all fascinated by the sophisticated art.

"I finally managed to carve a tiny basket and I felt very proud of myself. I enjoyed this course though it was a little difficult," said a fifth-grader from Minghu Elementary School.

In traditional Chinese culture, peach symbolizes longevity and peach wood is said to be able to ward off evil spirits or interfering forces, therefore peach charms and peach wood ornaments are commonly seen in ancient China.

The peach pit carvings are one of the most popular gifts for newborns, friends and family in ancient times which are currently noted as collectable or decorative items.

Organized by the Shandong Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center, the classroom has been open every Saturday since last year in a bid to introduce and teach the province's intangible cultural heritages to kids.

Every course is taught by a national or provincial level intangible cultural inheritor and children between 6 and 12 can sign up for the classes.

Children learn peach pit carving in Shandong

Zhu Xiongying shows kids how to carve certain patterns out of bar soaps at the Shandong intangible cultural heritage classroom on May 19 in Jinan, Shandong province. [Photo/]

Children learn peach pit carving in Shandong

Zhu Xiongying, a peach pit carving master, demonstrates carving skills to children on May 19 at the Shandong Provincial Cultural Center. [Photo/]