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Spectacular flocks of seagulls seen in Yantai

By Liu Chuan ( Updated: 2018-04-08

The coastline city of Yantai in East China's Shandong province attracts tens of thousands of seagulls with its healthy ecological environment and sufficient food along the sea beach.

The Xin'an River estuary, located in the Yantai High-tech Zone, is the site of spectacular gatherings of a wide variety of seagulls, including herring gulls, black-tailed gulls, red-billed gulls, Slaty-backed Gull and black-headed gulls.Seagulls gather in the shallow sea of Yantai beach to rest and forage.

Spectacular flocks of seagulls seen in Yantai

A flock of seagulls flies low over the sea in Yantai, East China's Shandong province. [Photo by Ju Chuanjiang to]

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