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Calligraphy, the gem of Chinese culture

By Guo Jiulin ( Updated: 2018-03-21

Calligraphy, the gem of Chinese culture

The Tang Dynasty copy of calligraphy by Wang Xizhi [Photo/IC]

Calligraphy is something every special for Chinese. It is not only an important part of traditional Chinese culture but also a way of life for people of all stripes.

Like oil painting and sculpture in the West, calligraphy is as much an artistic form as a spiritual anchor for many Chinese throughout history. Rarely does any other culture in human history fascinate with calligraphy in such a profound way.

From the invention of hieroglyphics to the evolution of various calligraphic scripts, calligraphy has played a critical role in Chinese culture and history for thousands of years.

Calligraphy was well-respected, or even worshiped in history. It was a foundation for scarcely available education opportunities, a steppingstone to become the elite class and a prerequisite for admiration among peers. In essence, calligraphy is also the cultural identity and the manifestation of collective aesthetic philosophy.

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