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Five ancient Chinese poems about spring

By Li Ping ( Updated: 2018-03-09

Editor's note: As winter chill still lingers through early spring, longing for warm days has sprung up everywhere.

Before the flowers are in full blossom, here is a collection of ancient Chinese poems depicting the revival of life during spring, which may help usher in a season to remember.

The English translations used in this article are from Chinese translator Xu Yuanchong's editions in 300 Tang Poems, published by China Intercontinental Press in 2012, and 300 Tang & Song Poems, published by Hebei People's Publishing House in 2003.

Five ancient Chinese poems about spring


1. Spring Morning

- by Meng Haoran (689-740) of Tang Dynasty (618-907)

This spring morning in bed I'm lying,

Not to awake till the birds are crying.

After one night of wind and showers,

How many are the fallen flowers?

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