Shandong Culture

Gaomi, hometown of folk art

( Updated: 2018-02-27

Gaomi, in Shandong province, is famous for various art forms and crafts, including Gaomi paper cuttings, Niejiazhuang clay sculptures and ash-patting New Year paintings, which are renowned as the three unique art crafts of Gaomi.

During this past Spring Festival, three provincial representative inheritors of national intangible cultural heritages in Gaomi presented a number of traditional art crafts, exhibiting their skillful techniques.

Qi Xiuhua, the inheritor of Gaomi paper cuttings, conveyed her good wishes for Chinese New Year by creating auspicious paper cuttings.

Gaomi, hometown of folk art

Paper-cuttings created by Qi Xiuhua. [Photo by Sha Jianlong/] 

"I create special pieces in celebration of Chinese New Year each year. This year, it consists of five paper-cuttings: two dragon-shaped paper cuttings represent that we Chinese people are descendants of the dragon; the paper cuttings of a child, a dog, a firecracker, a peony, a wintersweet and a peach embody happiness, health and longevity. I wish everyone happiness, health and good fortune in the coming year," said Qi.

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