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Xiao Nian: The Prologue of the Spring Festival

(CGTN) Updated: 2018-02-08

Haircut before the Spring Festival

Xiao Nian: The Prologue of the Spring Festival

A child having haircut. /CGTN Photo

Having a haircut before the Spring Festival is also an ancient tradition, for the ancient Chinese believed that a haircut in the first month of the Lunar New Year would bring bad luck. People usually wait until the second lunar month to have their hair cut again.

In order to fit into the new clothes for the festival, a haircut is highly recommended beforehand. But it is also in accordance with people’s own wishes of getting dressed up to meet friends and relatives, and that the habit has been maintained until today.

The habits and traditions of the Xiao Nian are slightly different across China, but people's wishes and expectations for a new lunar year are similar. It is time to welcome the Spring Festival and the Chinese Year of the Dog.

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