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Year-ender: Rising stars of Chinese animation

( Updated: 2017-12-20

Year-ender: Rising stars of Chinese animation
Tea Pets. [Photo/Mtime]

Tea Pets

Targeting both young children and adults during the summer holiday, the 3-D animated movie Tea Pets premiered on July 21.

Inspired by tea pets, porcelain figures usually placed on tea trays, the movie is also rooted in traditional Chinese culture and myths. On the big screen, these different tea pets become alive and enjoy their adventures in the human world.

The film is director Gary Wang's latest movie after the 2016 animation Little Door Gods. Being praised for its well-made characters, the animated feature received 7.1 out of 10 points on Douban.

Yet it could not satisfy some grown-up audiences.

"The common problem of Tea Pets and Little Door Gods is that the themes are too childish. Both could have had more depth, building on the good 3-D technology used in the movies. Next time, please have a more insightful script," Douban user Zimujun said.