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Shandong company showcases folk handicrafts in Beijing

By Xu Haoyu ( Updated: 2017-11-20

Shandong company showcases folk handicrafts in Beijing

Han Guangyou introduces the collection. [Photo provided to China Daily]

An exhibition of folk handicrafts is now being held at the Cultural Heritage and Communication Research Center of the Communication University Of China in Beijing.

The opening of the exhibition on Nov 10 was attended by Liao Xiangzhong, vice-president of the university; Zhong Chengxiang, president of China Literature and Art Critics Association; Bai Gengsheng, vice-president of the China Writers Association; and Han Guangyou, the corporate representative of Shandong Xiangyiminsu Culture Ltd.

All the exhibits are from Han and the Shandong company, which specializes in collecting folk handicrafts, and has one of the biggest folklore museums in China.

It has collected a large number of folk handicrafts, including daily-use utensils from the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) dynasties.

The collection covers farming, embroidery, weddings and funerals, birthday celebrations, medical treatment and musical instruments.