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Shanxi drama Liberation staged in Jinan

( Updated: 2017-10-27

The Shanxi drama Liberation was staged at the Lishan Theater in Jinan, Shandong province on Oct 19 and 20.

The drama was written and directed by Zhang Jigang to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. It premiered at the National Grand Theatre on Sept 1, 2009.

Liberation is about foot binding, a common practice in Chinese feudal society. It tells a sad and touching love story of a young couple that reflects how things develop and change with social evolution.

The play's theme is that "women's liberation is a natural part of human liberation, and thoughts liberation is the precondition of social progress".

Shanxi drama Liberation staged in Jinan

A stage photo of the Shanxi drama Liberation, which is staged in Jinan on Oct 19 and 20. [Photo by Ye Changlai/] 

The show uses surrealism as its writing technique. It created a brand new form of art called "storyteller drama" by bringing the storyteller into the performance, which is seen as a bold innovation.

The drama's music is also a highlight. It includes a number of Shanxi folk songs familiar to the audience.

Liberation has been performed over 900 times in hundreds of cities in nearly 30 provinces including Beijing, Shanxi, Shanghai and Guangdong. It has become an important literature and art brand of Shanxi province and has won a lot of awards from the Shanxi provincial government and national departments.

Zhang Jigang is a famous contemporary choreographer and educator in China. He serves as president of the PLA Academy of Arts. A national-level director, he is a member of the Eighth China Federation of Literary and Art Circles National Committee, chairman of the China Special Art Committee and vice chairman of the Chinese Dancers Association.

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