Shandong Culture

Cultural legacies shine at local schools

( Updated: 2017-05-18

Shizhong district of Zaozhuang city, East China's Shandong province, has been dedicated to preserving and passing down the city's rich cultural legacy. A number of folk artists have been engaged by the district government to teach traditional crafts at local primary schools.

Courses featuring dough figurines, operas and paper cutting are available at schools in the district, offering a great opportunity for children to learn from direct experience.

The local government supports traditional crafts to be introduced to the younger generation at an early age, making schools the perfect platform.

Cultural legacies shine at local schools

Wang Xin (right), the inheritor of "Lunan Huamo" (literally flour flower, referring to flower-shaped steamed buns) teaches kids the traditional craft techniques of making local steamed buns on May 16 at Guangming Road Primary School in the Shizhong district of Zaozhuang city. "Lunan Huamo" is listed as an intangible cultural heritage of Zaozhuang, East China's Shandong province. [Photo by Sun Zhongzhe/Xinhua]

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