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How art installations celebrate high-heel shoes

( Updated: 2016-12-27

How art installations celebrate high-heel shoes

A high-heel-shaped light installation on display in Fuling in Chongqing, Dec 24, 2016. According to reports, a statue of a woman holding an umbrella will be added above the high heel, and the whole installation, which is aiming for a Guinness World Record, will be over 15 meters high. [Photo/IC]

Nothing turns heads like high-heel shoes. They grace magazine covers, shop windows, billboards and catwalks. Women across regions and cultures love walking in them, even though they are far from comfortable. Fuling in Chongqing municipality recently unveiled a light installation that shows this modern symbol of feminine beauty in a different light. But Fuling is far from the only place that has tried to walk in these shoes. Let's take a look at art installations from around the world that have celebrated stilettos.

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