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Autumn magic in Yantai

( Updated: 2016-11-01

Yantai is stunning all year round, but many say that autumn is when it's at its most beautiful. Photographers in Yantai journeyed to the city's hotspots to capture beautiful scenery during the best season of the year.

Tiangu Mountain

Autumn magic in Yantai

Tiangu Mountain in the fading sunlight. [Photo/yantaifabu]

Tiangu Mountain may not be a household name for most people, but it is a hidden gem for those who know it. Located in northwest Qixia, a county-level city in Yantai, Tiangu Mountain provides beautiful views, especially in the autumn, with its clear waters, clusters of pinnacles, autumn mist and foliage, making for stunning photography opportunities.

Autumn magic in Yantai

Departing autumn brushes the maple leaves at Tiangu Mountain. [Photo/yantaifabu]

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