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Mount Tai Int'l Marathon medal design released

( Updated: 2016-09-26

The medal designs for 2016 Mount Tai International Marathon to be held on Oct 30 have been unveiled.

The annual event is the third of its kind to be held in Tai'an, co-organized by the Tai'an municipal bureau of sports, the Tai'an People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, and the Tai'an Daily Newspaper Group.

This year's event features and even greater integration with Mount Tai culture. The new medal designs have been inspired by "Wen Liang Yu Gui" – a jade tablet used for rituals in ancient times, which is also among the three treasures of Mount Tai.

Mount Tai Int'l Marathon medal design released

"Wen Liang Yu Gui" is one of the three treasures of Mount Tai.


Three diamond embedded spheres are linked together at the top of the medal, similar to that of "Wen Liang Yu Gui", and depicting a harmonius sky of sun, moon and star. In the center of the medal, waves are depicted lapping against Mount Tai. On the lower half of the medal the date and length of the marathon is engraved.

Mount Tai Int'l Marathon medal design released

The medal design for the 2016 Mount Tai Int'l Marathon

 is inspired by "Wen Liang Yu Gui". [Photo/]

The back of the medal also depicts Mount Tai, top among China's five most sacred mountains. Couplets eulogizing the mountain from the poem Gazing on Mount Tai by Du Fu, one of the country's best-known poets of the Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907), are also carved.

The cord lock of the medal has been designed into the shape of an auspicious cloud. The cord itself is embroidered with Mount Tai culture, the purple air coming from the east -- an auspicious omen.

Mount Tai Int'l Marathon medal design released

The purple cord adorned with cloud patterns. [Photo/Tai'an Daily]

Those wishing to get their hands on this elaborately designed medal need only apply for the marathon and take part. Registration is open until the end of September.

For more detailed information please check the official website of Mount Tai International Marathon