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By Shang Man and Guo Lei ( Updated: 2016-07-13

Discover Weifang


Twenty journalists from 11 major South Korean and Japanese media outlets visited Weifang in Shangdong province from June 26 to 29 to report on its development.

The journalists travelled to the city's high-tech district and the bonded area to discover how the city has modernized.

They also took a tour to its affiliated county-level historical cities to learn about local intangible culture heritages. [More]

Discover Weifang
Discover Weifang
Foreign media tour China's 'City of Kites'

More than 20 journalists from 11 South Korean and Japanese media agencies took   part in a fact-finding trip to Weifang, China's "City of Kites", in Shandong province, on June 26.

The reporters paid a visit to the kite industry base in Wang Jia village and a local kite museum to learn about the development of the kite industry, the related industrial chains and the tourism it creates to the area. [More]

Discover Weifang

Overseas media delegation takes a culture tour in Qingzhou

A delegation of journalists from South Korea and Japan paid a visit to a museum located in the county-level city of Qingzhou, affiliated to Shangdong province's Weifang city, according to on June 28.

The museum, thought to be one of the oldest museums in China, was set up in 1959 and rebuilt in 1984. It now covers an area of 26,666 square meters, and features rustic architecture with ethnic characteristics. [More]

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China's 'Dinosaur City' impresses foreign media

A media delegation from South Korea and Japan stepped back in time to tour the Zhucheng National Dinosaur Geopark, on the outskirts of Weifang city, in East China's Shandong province, reported on June 29.

The city, known locally as "Dinosaur City", is most well-known for being the site of the world’s largest dinosaur fossil find, where scientists are said to have recovered more than 7,600 fossils from a 300-meter-long pit. [More]


Discover Weifang

Discover Weifang

Discover Weifang

Discover Weifang

Kite-making helps city soar

Weifang invests in rich cultural heritage Zhucheng: Where dinosaurs roamed Songcheng performers keep cultural heritage items alive

In Weifang, Shandong province, kites are not just toys. They symbolize both culture and an industry for the city.

Widely known as the world capital of kites, Weifang has a history of flying kites dating back about 2,400 years. [More]

Weifang is a recognized city of culture whose government has been making efforts to improve local cultural and tourism facilities and services.

It is also the hometown of many of China's leading artists and cultural scholars including Mo Yan. [More]

Fewer know of the real world of the prehistoric giants in Zhucheng county in Weifang, Shandong province.

Dinosaur fossils have been found at more than 30 sites in Zhucheng, covering a total of 1,600 square kilometers. [More]

Qingzhou locals Zheng Ziyan and Tian Baisheng, both 65, perform kuaiban, an oral storytelling accompanied by staccato bamboo clappers.

They are just two of about 100 artists displaying intangible cultural heritage items. [More]


Discover Weifang

Discover Weifang Discover Weifang
Discover Weifang Discover Weifang Discover Weifang