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Ancient state relics on display at Shandong Museum

( Updated: 2016-05-06

A series of historical relics dating back to the Xue State, an ancient area located now in the southern part of Shandong province, went on display at Shandong Museum on April 29.

As the first exhibition showcasing historic relics from the old countries in Shandong province, it presents visitors with 211 valuable antiques of bronzes and jades collected from national and local municipal museums.

The old Xue State, which spanned more than 1,500 years in history, thrived in prehistoric times near the fertile Xue river, which is now referred to as the city of Tengzhou, in southern Shandong province.

As the country boasting the longest history in Shandong, the Xue State preserves the most complete historical series, with many prestigious figures emerging during that time.

To help people get a better understanding of the historical appearance of ancient civilizations in Shandong province and enhance the further research of the historical culture, Shandong Museum will hold similar exhibitions in the future.

Ancient state relics on display at Shandong Museum

A traditional headdress decorated with deer horns, dating back to the old Xue State, on display at the exhibition. [Photo/]