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Shandong Stone Carving Arts Museum

( Updated: 2015-09-01

Shandong Stone Carving Arts Museum
Shandong Stone Carving Arts Museum [Photo provided to]

Founded in 1981, the museum is the first in China to specialize in the collection, display and research of ancient stone carvings.

The museum is home to numerous stone carving cultural relics and tablet inscriptions. The stone carvings on display include inscriptions, statues and relief stone sculptures from the Han Dynasty (206 BC – 220 AD). Thousands of stone rubbings, inscriptions and relief stone sculptures from the Qin (221-206 BC) and Han dynasties to Five Dynasties (AD 907-960 ) feature at the museum, along with cliff carvings from the Northern Dynasty (AD 386-581).

The museum attaches great importance to foreign exchanges and cooperates with the Shandong Calligraphers Association, Oriental Painting and Calligraphy Academy of Shandong University, and Xi’an Chinese Calligraphy Museum.

As a result, frequent academic exchanges are conducted with Germany, Japan and South Korea. It also organized the “Shandong stone carving inscription exhibition” in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Hangzhou, Kunming, Xi’an, Wuxi and foreign cities such as Tokyo and Frankfurt.

Add: 6, Qingnian East Road, Lixia district, Ji’nan city, East China’s Shandong province

Bus Route: No 103, 18, 36, 66 and 39

Tel: +86-531-8295-3873